Esports – changing the definition of entertainment

11 May. 2021

Now Gaming co-Founder and CEO Maha Abouelenein Gaming has stated that gaming has “changed the definition of entertainment”. She highlighted that Gen Z are pushing that change as they game on a daily or weekly basis and the way that they’re engaging has completely shifted.
Abouelenein said brands interested in entering the industry have a number of routes, including sponsorship, collaboration with a streamer and in-game promotions. She believes successful brands think of themselves as publishers. During her talk at Esports Rising 2021, she highlighted the necessity for these brands to produce authentic content that’s engaging and for them to integrate into the gaming community as Gen Z gamers don’t want people penetrating the gaming community to leverage it for non-authentic purposes. Ultimately they’ll need to add real value.
Gaming’s entertainment value is becoming about culture, where it is not just about the actual console or the mobile, or playing an actual game.