Fortnite Championship Series All-Star Showdown – Guild Esports No. 1

14 June. 2021

Guild Esports has no less than five top tier competitors in the All-Star Showdown, showcasing it as the No. 1 ranked Fortnite roster globally. The gamers have qualified to compete for a $3 million prize pool.

The All-Star Showdown peaks with a solo championship set to be broadcast to an audience estimated at around 16.8 million across Youtube and Twitch and features a $1 million prize pot.

Guild’s 5 players are:

  1. Henrik Mclean (known as ‘Hen’)
  2. Jannis Matwin (‘JannisZ’)
  3. Tai Starčič (‘TaySon’)
  4. Nikolaj Andreas Frøslev (‘Flikk’)
  5. Anas El-Abd (‘Anas’)

Guild-owned digital media channels recently tracked an in excess of 700,000 users, officially securing it as the fastest-growing Esports organisation in Europe.

“We are delighted that our complete roster has qualified for the FNCS All-Star Showdown, showing the world that our performance-based approach to training and team-building means we not only have the best roster in Europe but arguably in the world. We are determined to keep pushing for continued success and many more trophies.”