Galaxy Racer creating a $100,000 esports event after their expansion into Pakistan

17 October. 2021

The Dubai-based esports organization, Galaxy Racer, announced their partnership with Pakistan Special Technology Zones Authority {STZA}, the new government initiative encouraging foreign tech companies to invest in Pakistan.

Galaxy Racer has announced that they will host a $100,000 esports tournament in Pakistan which will be the biggest in the country’s history and is scheduled to be held in December 2021.

The tournaments will include many esports titles such as Tekken, PUBG Mobile and FIFA and will feature a dedicated influencer conference – both are expected to be included in a TV event.

Galaxy Racer also announced its partnership with celebrity entrepreneur Fakhr-e-Alam as part of its South Asia expansion plans to grow the local ecosystem, with Fakhr-e-Alam spearheading Galaxy Racer Pakistan.

With all of this on the horizon, Pakistan will have a massive boost in the esports industry.