Monkey750 joins as the new jungler

29 August. 2021

RA’AD’s League of Legends division and the team’s management has decided to add Muhannad “Monkey750” Almerstani from KSA as their new jungler.

Monkey is a well respected jungler in the MENA region, having played on multiple all-star rosters and proving himself to be one of the best by consistently climbing to Grandmaster/Challenger every season in the EUW server. He’s also earned admirable accolades such as the 2nd place in the IAC 2020 with EGZ as their starting jungler, as well as other successful bouts with teams like E9, Hex, Redemption, KO, etc.

RA`AD are excited to see how this change will affect the RA’AD League of Legends team and its performance, especially considering the departure of SW from the IAC Champions League and the addition of E9, changing expectations of how the Champions League’s 3rd and final split for this year will go, as well as the grand finals later in October.

Last but not least, our Fortnite Player Shebo has qualified to round two in FNCS week alongside our player Voltiaxx that placed rank #57 position in the FNCS Qualifier.