PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 – RA’AD Donates Winnings To UNICEF

26 July. 2021

Team RA’AD participated in the worldwide tournament and represented Egypt. The
prize pool, $3,000,000, would ultimately be donated to a charitable cause. Usually, when
eSports teams participate in tournaments the goal is always to win, establish dominance,
conquer enemies and go for glory! But this time around, RA’AD was contributing to the
greater good by fighting with all of their strength in order to give back to those less fortunate
and show that the gaming industry has real heart!
Team RA’AD managed to place 10th in the tournament and won $45,000 which was
donated to UNICEF. The team would like to express their gratitude and appreciation to
Tencent & Gamers without Borders for the invitation to join the PMWI.