RAAD dominates in Intel Campus League in League Of Legends and Valorant

22 August. 2021

The Intel Campus League (ICL), organized by BME eSports, was one of our richest achievements to date. RA’AD got invited to both the League of Legends and Valorant tournaments to participate as one of the top and popular Teams in Egypt. RA’AD started from the prime stage then progressed directly to the Grand Finals.

During Valorant Grand Finals, RA’AD played Vs 3b3al wel sohba in a “best of 5” series – the series went to RA’AD 3 – 0 with an outstanding performance in all the maps. 

At the League of legends Grand Finals, RA’AD again played vs 3b3al wel sohba in a “best of 5” series and once again we won 3 – 0 with a dominating performance from our side.

Last but not least, RA’AD will also be competing in “Razer ME International Invitational Tournament” as they got invited to compete at the playoffs with the top teams in the Middle East in the following games: League of Legends, Valorant and PUBG Mobile.