RA`AD dominates in the first week of the IAC

5 September. 2021

The third split of the IAC 2021 Champions League has officially started, and with it, the road of qualifying to the Grand Finals is approaching its end. 

RA’AD comes into the 3rd split as favorites for top 3, considering the fact that RA’AD earned 3rd place in split 2 and that the 4th place team ended up disbanding. 

A lot of people also had question marks around how the team would perform and adapt around the new players, Maged and Monkey750 and how this can affect the team’s synergy.

However, seeing as RA’AD won the first 3 games in the first week with an outstanding performance, it appears that we are in for a good split.

First day in week one was against e9 esports with a good performance from our side, and the game ended with a good victory. In the second game of day 2 we played vs 3b3al we el sohaba, and again we won the game.

Last but not least, the last day of week 1 was vs lost esports, with an even game and bad start but, RA’AD showed good performance and comeback in the mid and late game and ended the game in their favor with a victory.