RA’AD Dominates Redbull Proseed Tournament

23 March. 2021

The Red Bull ProSeed 2021 (League of Legends) is an online tournament held in Egypt by Red Bull and Gamers Lounge to serve as an opportunity for teams to develop themselves and win cool prizes. In the main event the top 8 teams from 2 qualifiers battle it out in a double elimination style bracket.


RA’AD breezed through their first few matches and easily qualified for the top 8.

Then, they met Dawn Gaming in the first match of the Upper Bracket going on to win 2-1 after losing the first game to an unexpected cheese strategy.


They then faced off against Anubis Gaming in the Upper Bracket final, winning the first game in a surprising fashion, but unfortunately lost the next two games after Anubis found a winning tactic.


After the defeat, RA’AD dropped to the Lower Bracket finals where they met عبعال و الصحبة who had previously beaten them in the Arab Esports Tournament 2-1. This time, however, they ended up winning 2-1 after a hard-fought series that was constantly on a knife’s edge.


Finally, RA’AD again faced off against Anubis in the Grand Finals, shattering all expectations and defeating the reigning IAC champions 3-0, after learning from their earlier defeat in the upper bracket and honing their strategy for the final match!