RA’AD finishes 3rd in the second season of the IAC2 Champions’ League

8 August. 2021

After a long journey in Split 1, through the Country Qualifiers and the Competitors’ League, RA’AD League of Legends team successfully qualified to the Champions’ League for Season 2, a feat that no other team was able to accomplish during Season 1.

In their first match of the playoffs, RA’AD played against their rivals KnockOut Esports. KO placed 1st in the first season and they placed 1st in the regular season for the second season so they were very formidable opponents. 

However, RA’AD still went into the match with the mentality of doing everything they can in order to win. RA’AD went into their first game of the match dominating the early game, but unfortunately they lost the game due to a mistake at the dragon pit which the enemy team capitalized on and lead to their first loss. 

They then went on to win the second game in a very clean fashion, keeping themselves in the series and keeping the match competitive. 

However, KnockOut, after losing their first game of the series, seemingly regained all their focus and went 100%, showing a significantly improved performance compared to their first two games in the series and ultimately defeated RA’AD 3-1. It was a heartbreaking defeat, but RA’AD had to move on quickly and start thinking of the 3rd/4th decider match.

Last but not least, RA’AD faced Sahara Warriors in the 3rd/4th decider match, after they (Sahara) suffered a crushing 3-0 defeat against Anubis Gaming in their respective semifinal match. 

RA’AD went into the series with a relaxed mentality since they had nothing to lose at this point and they just wanted to play the game and to not think too much about the implications. 

Due to this, they were able to win the series 3-1 and while it was not easy, as Sahara Warriors are a respectable opponent and no slouches, it’s possible to say that the series was overall smooth and within expectations in terms of gameplay. 

Thus, RA’AD finished their road in the second season of the IAC2 Champions’ League in 3rd place.