RA’AD finishes second in both IAC split 3 and Strike Arabia grand finals

3 October. 2021

Team RA’AD’s IAC split 3 and Strike Arabia journeys have come to an end. Having started in April 2021, it ran all the way through to September featuring a great series of wins and losses.

When RA’AD qualified for the grand finals spot through the Strike Arabia Champion 2, its place was secured among the top 8 MENA teams. The top teams in the region all competed for the #1 spot where they could represent the MENA region in the LCQ qualifiers.

RA’AD’s first match was against Anubis Gaming,and we were able to win the series 2-1 with an outstanding performance from both teams.

This was followed by two games against Yalla Esports and Piercer Esports, where RA’AD came out on top, 2-0, in both games and with both games running into OVERTIME in the first map and a stomp in the second. RA’AD ultimately secured 13-3 against Yalla Esports and 13-0 against Piercer Esports on the second map.

After reaching the final in the winners bracket, RA’AD faced off against Anubis again and  unfortunately, RA’AD lost the series 3-1 in a great finale.

On the other hand, RA’AD League of Legends team finished their IAC 2021 split 3 journey with a combined total wins/losses score of 14-9, finishing the split in 2nd place. 

The regular season journey was a turbulent one, especially because of the players suffering from a COVID-19 infection mid-season which caused them to underperform and unfortunately drop 2 games that could have otherwise been potentially winnable. 

In addition to this, Anubis Gaming and Geekay Esports were proven to be our challenging opponents during the regular split, both resulting in losses and overall the only 4 losses we had for the entire regular split. 

RA`AD entered the playoffs in 3rd place, facing our opponent Anubis Gaming who defeated us twice in the regular split. We needed to improve our placement compared to the 2nd split so we could defeat our opponent. Also it was so challenging for Maged, who was a player for Anubis Gaming in the previous split, to win this split to retain our position and win against his previous team.   


Accordingly, we made our preparations and took a calculated risk to promote one of our substitute Support players, “LickMyHeal”, to the main roster and ultimately, RA`AD won the series 3-2.

However RA`AD made some critical errors near the end of those games which caused them to lose. RA`AD moved to the finals against Geekay Esports, the titans who have proved time and time again that they are undeniably the best team in the MENA region for now, after winning both Split 1 and Split 2, as well as the Razer Invitational tournament and many other tournaments for LoL this season. 

While RA`AD performed great in the first game and ultimately won it in decisive fashion, Geekay were able to turn around the series and finish it 3-1 in their favor, which landed RA`AD in 2nd place and qualified RA`AD to the Grand Finals of the IAC 2021 circuit. 

The team has already begun the final preparations for this upcoming event, and we’re aiming for first place. Let’s have faith in the players and their staff and hope for the best! The Grand Finals will start on the 8th of October.