RA’AD IAC 2021 Journey Comes to an End

24 October. 2021

The IAC season 2 circuit started in March 2021, the teams played over 3 splits and ending with a double elimination tournament style bracket for the grand finals, determining the winner of MENA Champions for 2021 and playing for a total combined prize pool of 130,000 $. 

RA’AD started the journey from the first split, and took it step by step by climbing the coveted Champions League after winning the Egyptian Country Qualifiers and then earned first place in the Competitors League, so they can gain the right to compete in the Split 1 relegation/Split 2 promotion tournament. 

RA’AD dominated here as well and earned first place and qualified for the Champions League. Then, after many gruesome battles and facing many complex challenges regarding the meta and the players available to the team, RA’AD earned the third place in Split 2. 

Following that, in Split 3, RA’AD reinforced the LOL roster with the additions of Maged and Monkey750, so the team could be able to improve their position by the end of the split to 2nd place. 

Finally, the long awaited Grand Finals arrived. First, RA’AD faced E9 from Tunisia, the third place team from Split 3 and a very formidable opponent. However, showing great finesse and form, RA’AD crushed the series 3-0. 

Moving forward, RA’AD faced its ultimate rival in Anubis Gaming, unfortunately losing the series 1-3 and descending to the lower bracket. 

RA’AD faced off against Fox Gaming from Morocco in the losers bracket, and won a clean series 3-0 against them. However, in the next match against The Black Lotus from Morocco as well, the match was expected by all analysts and fans to be heavily favored towards RA’AD, but TBL completed the upset victory in a shocking 3-2 series. 

RA’AD ended the tournament with a 4th place finish and the team now aims to learn from this experience and make improvements going forward.