RA’AD League of Legends team adds Maged as new Top laner

15 August. 2021

Renowned top laner, Maged, known for being the IAC 2020 winner and MVP and his successful streak with Anubis Gaming, has joined RA’AD.

This came as a big surprise to the League of Legends community and the Esports community in general in the Middle East/North Africa region, as Maged was considered one of Anubis’ star players. Nobody expected him to make a move like this so suddenly.

However, Maged himself announced, through his social media platforms, that he decided to look for a new opportunity after he faced many issues working with his previous team and found that his best chances of winning and achieving greatness would be with RA’AD.

He chose to move to RA’AD because he has the opportunity to work with Deceiving, who is his long-time friend and neighbor, as well as San who was his team mate for a long time as well at Anubis. Not to mention that he found RA’AD’s offer to be the most competitive yet.

RA’AD, as a team, had already achieved 3rd place in the second season of the IAC 2021 Champions’ League, showcasing an incredible improvement from the start of their play in January, gaining the respect of the competitive scene in the community as well as the admiration and interest of talented players looking for their best chances to achieve victory and glory.

RA’AD was also facing some difficulties adapting to the meta changes with the previous Top laner, Molto, as evident by being forced to experiment with Shadow playing as a substitute for Molto in Top lane, even though he is a Mid laner and thus plays a different position.The addition of Maged to the starting lineup is a considerable power-up to RA’AD’s League of Legends team.

Last but not least, many fans are excited to see the performance showcased by RA’AD in the 3rd and final season of the IAC 2021 Champions’ League, as well as the Grand Finals and are anticipating an even better performance from the team, potentially aiming for Top 2 or the 1st place after having an already impressive 3rd place finish in the previous season.