RA’AD League of Legends Team keeps going despite COVID-19; PUBG Mobile Team Participates at PMPL.

12 September. 2021

In the last two weeks, our League of Legends team has been fighting an unwelcome Covid-19 outbreak, but despite suffering the virus, they decided to continue their battle in the IAC and performed well.

RA’AD are currently in third place with a total of 15 points and won 5 matches out of 7 matches played. 

Last week was not their best, but RA’AD continued to perform bravely in the rift and against their foes.

The first match of week two was against Anubis and RA’AD lost the match; the second match of the next day was against Fox Gaming with an outstanding performance from RA’AD which saw them winning the match.

Also, for the third match against Galaxy Racer Esports, RA’AD continued to show the fans their impact and power in the battle and won the game. In the last match VS GeeyKay Esports, RA’AD’s luck ran out and unfortunately they lost the game.

Last but not least, the PUBG Mobile team is currently ranked 10th out of a total of 20 teams that participated in day one of the PMPL. Although it’s not the best start, the team still have plans and strategies to showcase in the League.