RA’AD on the Battlefield

5 December. 2021

Although the year is coming to an end and only one month to go, RAAD still has so much to achieve and to compete in.  RA’AD secured RedBull M.E.O season 4 first place for the Arab qualifier in PUBG Mobile with an amazing performance from our players. In addition, RA’AD got Qualified for the LAN Event in Egypt with a prize pool of 12,000 $.

Also, RA’AD got invited to PUBG-Mobile Invitational which will include the top MENA Teams, and it will include 16 teams. Moreover, RA’AD will participate in PUBG Mobile Star Challenge MENA with a total prize pool of 100,000$.

As For our FIFA Team, our Player Mohamed Salman secured third place for FGS FIFA 22 Africa qualifiers; which is the first qualifier from the 4 events that will lead to the World Cup.

Last but not least, our Valorant Team was invited to ESTAZ Elite League with a total prize pool of $20,000. Amongst of 16 teams invited from MENA Region, RA’AD secured their first win in round one vs MLC (the old Roster of Team Fox Gaming) with many more to show to the community and their fans.