RA’AD sails through week 3 in IAC undefeated; Voltiax tries hardmode

19 September. 2021

RA’AD started off the week by facing Galaxy Racer Esports and they played an excellent game, showing masterful management of the pressure in the early game with the Jungle/Support combination of Viego and Thresh, beating their opponents to resources and winning a decisive game.

In their following match, RA’AD faced Fox Gaming, who they’ve had a positive record against so far, and while the game was going back and forth, RA’AD managed to edge out victory and move on to the next game.

Finally, RA’AD faced their Tunisian rivals, E9Sports, an opponent who have been recently  presenting a respectable form and are proving to be a force to be reckoned with. 

However, in our game against them, RA’AD managed to find a winning strategy and secured a smooth victory without much resistance from the opponent.

After sealing the week with a clean 3-0 run, RA’AD now looks towards the last week of the regular season and are hoping they can defeat Anubis Gaming and Geekay Esports who were the only teams they lost to in the first round robin, as well as defeat 3BL Esports and Lost Esports to complete the perfect round robin.

Lastly , RA’AD Fortnite player Voltiax, placed the 59th rank in the EU Solo Cash Cup last week.