RA’AD Wins GLSC VI; Reaches Final in RUSH

7 November. 2021

After the IAC 2021 grand finals, RA’AD has participated in both the RUSH LoL tournament and the GLSC 6 Cup which is part of the Esports Summit Tournaments. 

During the Esports Summit Tournament, RA’AD claimed the title “undefeated” throughout the entire tournament, beating 3BL 3-0 in the final. 

After that RA’AD competed in RUSH Tournament, in a double elimination, 8-teams bracket which included teams such as Anubis Gaming, E9Sports and Geekay Esports who were all participants in the IAC 2021 Grand Finals.

After a great performance throughout the whole tournament and a reverse sweep in the Grand Finals against E9Sports, RA’AD claimed first place and the title.