Team RA’AD On Track to Enter IAC Tournament

27 April. 2021

Team RA’AD has come out on top yet again winning the IAC tournament which took place from the 4th till  the 20th of April 2021.

RA’AD blazed through the first stage of the competition winning all 7 matches without defeat.

The bracket was played on the Round Robin system with RA’AD at the top of the group.

Group matches played and won were as follows:

  • 1st match vs. Your Worst NightMare
  • 2nd match vs. Hakuna Matata
  • 3rd match vs. The Soul Reapers Team
  • 4th match vs. Eagles
  • 5th match vs. H R T
  • 6th match vs. The Disconnected Universe
  • 7th match vs.t Eternals

After leading the group, RA’AD qualified for the second stage of the national qualifiers where the bracket was played on the double elimination system .

Again, RA’AD was able to advance by 6 victories in a row without any losses.

Group matches played and won were as follows:

  • 1st match vs. Bikini Bottom
  • 2nd match vs. Btats Ma7rro2a
  • 3rd match vs. KG Esports
  • 4th match vs. عبعال والصحبه
  • 5th match vs. Dawn Gaming
  • 6th match vs. Dawn Gaming

Following the wins, Team RA’AD has achieved the title of Champions of Egypt.  As a result, RA’AD, along with 5 other teams from Egypt, has successfully qualified to the Competitors’ League, a competition that consists of 64 teams from the most powerful countries in the Middle East competing for first and second place in order to qualify for the Champions League.

The 2 qualifiers to the Champions League will represent their country in the IAC and the top 8 of the IAC will be competing for the ultimate win.