The Era of Broadcasting Mobile Esports and Their Potential

8 May. 2022

For a long time, there was a war between PC users and console users, each one has its advantage. 

As for the Consoles user, they have Aim Assist to help them in their games, while the ability to click and shoot using a mouse is said to give PCs an inherent advantage.

But in the last years, a new device joined the war, as a major competitor within the esports market: the mobile, Mobile games became more than just normal games like candy crush.

Big Titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Clash Royale have introduced competitive, skill-based gameplay to smartphones, and with it has come an explosive new sector in the industry.

The Free Fire World Series 2021 being the most-watched esports event of the year, and also COD mobile World Cup tournament having over 1.7m hours watched, something like this can’t be ignored anymore.

As mobile esports continues to develop, the streaming infrastructure must grow around it. Broadcasting and streaming setups can be difficult to manage, especially when you are trying to play a game in portrait mode.

ESL started The Snapdragon Pro Series is the fastest growing mobile esports platform in the world to support and grow the mobile gaming community, with this we are going to see much more and more potential in the industry.