Top 10 North American Universities where gaming culture is king

17 May. 2021

As more and more young gamers are looking to turn their hobby into a profession, these are the best college esports programs to consider with some even providing scholarships for these programs.
Esports continues to be a force to be reckoned with and with increased popularity and sheer scale, colleges and universities are creating programs to allow students to compete in top tournaments. These programs might be new on the scene, but several have already established themselves as destinations for those hoping to go from amateur to professional.
Below are the top ten universities with college esports programs based on team talent, scholarship opportunities and student support.
10. University of Toronto
9. George Mason University
8. Winthrop University
7. Harrisburg University
6. Robert Morris University
5. Boise State University
4. Maryville University
3. Michigan State University
2. Miami University
1. University of California Irvine