Team Management

Mohamed Al-Azab

Age: 42
Nationality: Egyptian

E-Sports Director and Head of Media


Mohamed Al-Azab, who is the head of the media sector at Telecom Egypt, enjoys a well-established experience in the field of media and public relations for more than 15 years. He holds an MBA certification from the AASTMT, and Digital Media Diploma from the AUC. El-Azab took a vital part in enhancement of the mental image and perspective on Telecom Egypt throughout all various media channels and also social media. This happens by establishing many supportive and corrective initiatives about the company’s image reality by the implementation of coherent visions follows a tailored media approach. This simultaneously supports the solid vision derived from the general policy of the company.


Team RA’AD:

In addition of Al-Azab being a member of the Board of Directors of the Telecom Egypt Sports Club, He recently became the supervisor of RA’AD E-Sports team. Also, He was chosen as the head of the Clubs Committee of the Egyptian Federation of E-Sports. Al-Azab, with his team, enabled the main pillars of teem RA’AD by putting a clear and specific vision and strategy that sustains the global E-Sports industry standards. Thus, RA’AD is going to contribute in placing Egypt on the map of electronic games.

Al-Azab’s main tasks are revolved around defining and organizing the team’s strategy and vision, supervising the team’s media file, and follow up on sponsorships at the local, regional and international levels. In addition, the enhancement of the team’s brand name in the E-Sports scene. Also, managing the competitive scene cues, analyzing and measuring the team’s performance indicators, and working on them to sustain RA’AD’s development.

Al-Azab is looking forward to achieving many successes and achievements that contribute to strengthening the team’s positioning and image. This is achieved by establishing the values and principles that guarantees teamwork pillars and leadership principles; in order to achieve the desired goals and having “RA’AD” becoming the best E-Sports team not only in Egypt, but at the regional and global levels.