League of legends team

From 0 2 hero

Team: League of legends
Age: 24
Nationality: Egyptian

Player Stats

  • 3rd Nexus 2019 (Divine Vendetta)
  • 1st ChallengeArena MENA Tournament 2018 (Oshtekk Warriors)
  • 1st Nvidia Middle East 2017 (SND)
  • 1st Nvidia MENA Qualifier 2017 (SND)
  • 2nd place IAC Egypt Qualifier (IronicQ)
  • 1st GLSC 2016 (FGP)
  • 1st Nvidia Egypt 2016 (SND)
  • 1st Gamersbase 2013
  • 1st Gamers Lobby LoL Tournament
  • 1st Egypt Games Week PLG
  • 1st Gigabyte Green Plaza
  • 1st League MENA Qualifiers


Favourite Pastime (when not gaming): Football

Favourite Ability/Combo in LOL: Dragon Rage/Insec kick (Lee Sin R)

Favourite Retro Game: Dominoes

Role in The Team: Jungler