Team Management

Mohamed Ghareeb

Age: 44
Nationality: Egyptian

Head of E-Sports Committee in TE Club and RA’AD


Mr. Ghareeb has over 18 years of experience in the business and finance fields. In addition, he obtained multiple certificates, the Master’s degree in web developing, and MBA in managerial accounting. Then, he worked in the telecom career before he becomes the president of team RA’AD in 2020.

After his Master’s degree in developing, and his specialization in business administration and finance; Mr. Ghareeb worked in Telecom Egypt and made a huge intervention by participating in setting the seeds of systems automation in the company. Also, he proposed an automated reconciliation of the distribution and payment of employees’ stock.

In 2020 he witnessed his dream becoming reality by establishing and launching team RA’AD, which he founded RA’AD’s set of assets,  planned its structure and strategy, and framed its vision and mission with his team members targeting realistically at leaving a mark in not only the E-Sports scene locally, but regionally and internationally as well being the first E-Sports club belonging to a sports club in Egypt.

Being a gamer 12 years old, Mr. Ghareeb believes E-Sports is a promising, ever growing field where all possibilities are doable, measurable and achievable for the Egyptian youth and global scene. They can shape their dreams in E-Sports and achieve it by life, time and effort balance; as it will pay off with satisfied results. He believes it cultivates enthusiasm, personal skills and mental abilities and derived basically from passion as a main source of motivation. Therefore, he considers RA’AD as the onset and gateway to E-Sports concept expansion in Egypt; which will enable RA’AD to lead the Egyptian scene of E-Sports to the world.


For RA’AD, Mr. Ghareeb handles:

  • The management of the internal and external affairs, events, tournament and activations that represents RA’AD to the masses.
  • The planning of all RA’AD’s communications.
  • The sustainability of the strategic plan, vision and mission including all objectives and KPIs.
  • The reviewing of any required procedure concerning RA’AD.


Hobby: football

Favorite game: FIFA

He believes in transparency, team work and following the rules as a means of granting huge successes.