Team Management

Rania Osama

Birthday: 38
Nationality: Egyptian

Head of E-sports and Gaming PMO at TESC and RA’AD

Rania graduated from Mass Communications and an MBA holder. She has 360 solid experience in marketing communication and corporate branding for 18 years in telecomegypt  leaving a remarkable history in that field with a legacy for the former team to build on. Currently, she is the PMO of the media sector and the esports media along with team RA’AD.


Before 2020′, Rania had upgraded the brand identity of te-data, and telecom Egypt | WE; creating a huge basis of how the brand engagement shall function with a full plan of communication channels and transnational for both the brand and the team responsible of each communication channel. In addition she launched several important campaigns, such as the mobile launch campaign WE of telecomegypt in 2018, and the El-Asl Masry campaigns with her team at the beginning of 2020.


In RA’AD, Rania believed potentials and possibilities are infinite, which is enabling, and so she seized the day. She started to create communication plans for all RAAD’s aspects, social media analyses,  trends and competitive reports, and shape the knowledge needed to enhance the team performance; alongside with constitutional and business work she is responsible for.  Also, she encourages creative thinking as part and parcel of staying on the top and achieving excellence for her team members.


She is aiming at RA’AD being established and expanded as the biggest esports hub in Egypt and Middle East with the highest international standards and leading the esports scene in the digital transformation era we are witnessing.


For RA’AD, Rania deals with:

– Establishing communication plans of the social media platforms content requirements.

– Achieving the objectives communicated in the strategic plan, vision and mission.

– Handling all constitutional approvals and reviews

– Creating weekly and monthly internal team communication sessions.

– Being the SPOC of the management team in all operational aspects.


Hobby: Drawing

Favorite game: Age of Empires

She believes that creativity and team hard work is the core engine of objective actualization that ends up in unique successes specifically in esports.