Team Management

Yomna Ibrahim

Birthday: 25
Nationality: Egyptian

Business Analyst at RA’AD in the Esports Committee of TESC.


Yomna is an English Department – faculty of Arts- Cairo University 2017 graduate, who is currently preparing a linguistics MA thesis, a collective Artist, and worked as a TA and translator for a couple of years. Then, she started her journey in telecomegypt when her passion in marketing and media started as Corporate and Digital MarComm Specialist from 2019, and in 2021, she became a Media PMO specialist and a business analyst at team RA’AD in the esports committee in TESC.


Before 2021, Yomna worked in the MarComm corporate and digital teams and been part of project of copywriting, branding, events and sponsorship like 2019 ICT, and summer & Ramadan campaigns, where she follows up on the requirements, attends the PPM, supervises the communicative objectives during the creative processes of campaigns, events and other projects until the last step of sharing the deliverables with different marketing communication channels.


In 2021, Yomna started a new chapter in the media sector and the esports committee that enabled her to activate so many aspects concerning media and esports. In RA’AD, she was assigned to follow up on different projects and provide action based ideas; under the supervision of her manager and directors; with full support, to team-discuss, develop and create actual plans. Also, to conduct reports, provide insights, analyses and generate all what supports and sustain the achievement of our team’s goals and objectives in media and esports simultaneously to always meet the international standards in both fields.


In RA’AD, Yomna takes part in:


  • Business development of the team’s aspects
  • The follow up process of the overall team’s objectives.
  • Trends, esports analysis reports, and esports scene updates monitoring.
  • Generating action-based-ideas to sustain ongoing enhancement of the team.
  • Setting the standards of the future strategies and vision of RA’AD.



Hobby: drawing, photography and reading

Favorite games: NFS, the Last of Us, and R6S

Creativity is the lighthouse of milestones! As it enables people to impact the world objectively and vastly in any given field.