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Introducing Team RA’AD

Telecom Egypt SC announced the launch of team "RA'AD": (Arabic word of Thunder), the digital arm of the sporting club and the first eSports club under the authority of an official sports entity. The launch of RA'AD stems from the support that the Egyptian government gives to the eSports community,

16 November. 2022

A Seat for RA’AD In The Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 in Brazil Has Been Secured

RA'AD has been selected to represent Egypt at Red Bull Campus Clutch 2022 after a series of intense matches.  In the first round of the qualifier, RA'AD faced BAR'A and came out on top with a 2-0 score.  In the second round, RA'AD faced We're On Mute and triumphed again, this time ......

5 September. 2022

IAC Prestige Week 4

RA’AD League of Legends team continued their winning streak in week 4, and went unbeaten against their opponents HT, 3BL, and FOX with a perfect game score of 3-0.  RA'AD chose champions of the top selections in the current meta, including Ornn, Sivir, Taliyah, Akali, and Trundle, as well as enchanters ......

16 August. 2022

IAC Prestige’s Initial Week

The IAC is back, and the second week of playing has three matches, after RA’AD won the first split and was named the split's champion. RA’AD had lost the first match against Anubis Gaming despite playing against them in a fantastic performance. The second match, in which RA’AD played against Qlash Egypt, ......

1 August. 2022

RA’AD Becomes the Champions of Prestige IAC Grand-Finals Split One

The League of Legends team went to the Grand-finals after winning against GeeKay Esports in a best of 5, with RA’AD scoring the victory with a 3-1 score. RA’AD went above and beyond and examined their performance, the team then played a best of 5 series against Anubis Gaming in the ......

17 July. 2022

RA’AD Securing First Place in IAC Before Playoffs

After a long battle of matches in IAC for 2 months, RA’AD secured and maintained its first place on the ranking board. Team RA’AD started the week with a score of 12-3. The first match was against Anubis Gaming, RA’AD showed a powerful performance and the game was close to winning, but ......

26 June. 2022

The Fifth Week in IAC

RA’AD started the week with a score of 10-2 two defeats only from THUNDERCLOUDS E-Sports and Geekay Esports. The first match was against FOX Gaming, RA’AD dominated the game and won it. Second match was against Nigma Galaxy and also RA’AD showed their power and won the match after a great game. And ......

21 June. 2022

The Fourth Week in IAC

Team RA’AD started the week with an only one defeat from  THUNDERCLOUDS E-Sports with a score of 8-1. The first match was against Vslash GnG, RA’AD dominated the game and won it, the second match was against THE BLACK LOTUS and once again RA’AD showed their power and won the match. Finally, the ......

7 June. 2022

RA’AD Dominates the IAC in the First 2 Weeks

After a long time the IAC is back, RA’AD showed the community their power and how much they’ve improved. RA’AD played with outstanding performance in the first and second week of the IAC. It started with 3b3al Wlso7ba and RA’AD managed to secure the win, also the same thing happened against Vslash ......

15 May. 2022

VALORANT Team Securing First Place in Both Odyssey Warpros Vol.7 and Valorant Pro League Safemode.

Firstly with Valorant Pro League Safemode, RA’AD played in the top 8 with a double-elimination bracket, starting the Bracket with Clown9 and RA’AD managed to win the series with a score of 2-0. After that, RA’AD played against Team Occupy but unfortunately lost the series with a score of 1-2 and ......

24 April. 2022

RA`AD Secured First Place League of Legends Pro League Safemode Tournament

RA`AD won Safemode League of Legends with a clean win and showed an amazing performance. RA’AD started their Safemode journey by playing against team Phoenix and won the series with a score of 2-0. The next round was against Team Spoiled and RA’AD won the series with another 2-0. The winner bracket ......

6 April. 2022

RA’AD Dominates VQ Overpowered Mena Tournament

Our League of legends team showed off some power and strategy to the fans and community  in the VQ Tournament. The Tournament started with RA’AD facing TBL in a very close BO1 game single-elimination, after that RA’AD faced Fox Gaming and got an easy win. Then RA`AD went to play against GnG, ......

28 March. 2022

RA’AD comes second in VALORANT Regional League MENA

RAAD flew to Dubai to compete against FALCONS esports on MENA’s best team and to secure  a spot to compete with the European teams. The series was a best of 5 games with the following maps: Fracture, Breeze, Breeze, Ascent, and Bind.  The first match was a win for  FALCONS esports with ......

20 March. 2022

Valorant Team Heading to Dubai

RA`AD has won all their matches in the playoffs, as they played vs Team Majesty and won with a score 2-0. Then played against team Geekay and won 2-0 with an amazing comeback in the second map and went from 0-9 to 13-9, winning 13 rounds in a row on map ......

13 March. 2022

VALORANT Team Continues Their Way to the Playoffs of VRL

After a Long Battle, our Valorant team secured the first place in the group stage “Undefeated”  with a score of 13-0. RAAD dominated the group stage of the Levant and North Africa then qualified to the VRL playoffs. The Playoffs will include the following top 4 teams from the Group stage: XPLDZ, ......

6 March. 2022

Valorant Team Secures First Place in Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival

After a long run, our Valorant Team qualified for the LAN event in Insomnia Egypt Gaming Festival. Our first match was against Dark Tempest, RA’AD won with a score of 13-7, the second match was against Xpldz. Unfortunately, our team lost with a score of 13-9. RA'AD moved to the loser bracket, ......

3 February. 2022

New roster for RA’AD League of Legends

RA`AD has secured 4 major deals for League of Legends roster Mohamed Soliman (RateD), Ahmed Charif (Giyuu), Eslam Farag ( Dattura), Fady Ibrahim ( Sivvy). These well-known top players are expected to have a strong impact on the team and will strengthen it even more. Further the roster will start ......

10 January. 2022

RAAD secured first place in Odyssey Warpros Vol.6

After an amazing performance from the VALORANT team, they secured first place with a clean win “3-0” series against 3BL Esports. From the start of the tournament to the end, team RA’AD didn’t lose a single map and won EGP 15,000 for the first place with a total prize pool ......

5 December. 2021

RA’AD on the Battlefield

Although the year is coming to an end and only one month to go, RAAD still has so much to achieve and to compete in.  RA’AD secured RedBull M.E.O season 4 first place for the Arab qualifier in PUBG Mobile with an amazing performance from our players. In addition, RA’AD ......

7 November. 2021

RA’AD Wins GLSC VI; Reaches Final in RUSH

After the IAC 2021 grand finals, RA'AD has participated in both the RUSH LoL tournament and the GLSC 6 Cup which is part of the Esports Summit Tournaments.  During the Esports Summit Tournament, RA'AD claimed the title “undefeated” throughout the entire tournament, beating 3BL 3-0 in the final.  After that RA'AD competed ......

31 October. 2021

A dominating week for RA’AD Valorant Team

It’s been a great week for Team Valorant after securing first place in both the Odyssey Warpros Vol.5 with prize pool 1,000 $ and VALORANT ACE EP.02 with prize pool 25,000 L.E. This busy week started with RedBull EMEA qualifiers where RA’AD won 3 out of 5 matches against big names ......

24 October. 2021

RA’AD IAC 2021 Journey Comes to an End

The IAC season 2 circuit started in March 2021, the teams played over 3 splits and ending with a double elimination tournament style bracket for the grand finals, determining the winner of MENA Champions for 2021 and playing for a total combined prize pool of 130,000 $.  RA'AD started the journey ......

17 October. 2021

RA’AD dominates the first round of the IAC Grand Finals

The Grand Finals started on the 9th of October, RA’AD played their first Grand Final game against E9 Esports - the series was clean with an outstanding performance by RA’AD and ended with a win 3-0. The second round of the winners bracket was against Anubis Gaming, it started off good, ......

3 October. 2021

RA’AD finishes second in both IAC split 3 and Strike Arabia grand finals

Team RA'AD’s IAC split 3 and Strike Arabia journeys have come to an end. Having started in April 2021, it ran all the way through to September featuring a great series of wins and losses. When RA'AD qualified for the grand finals spot through the Strike Arabia Champion 2, its place ......

19 September. 2021

RA’AD sails through week 3 in IAC undefeated; Voltiax tries hardmode

RA’AD started off the week by facing Galaxy Racer Esports and they played an excellent game, showing masterful management of the pressure in the early game with the Jungle/Support combination of Viego and Thresh, beating their opponents to resources and winning a decisive game. In their following match, RA’AD faced Fox ......

12 September. 2021

RA’AD League of Legends Team keeps going despite COVID-19; PUBG Mobile Team Participates at PMPL.

In the last two weeks, our League of Legends team has been fighting an unwelcome Covid-19 outbreak, but despite suffering the virus, they decided to continue their battle in the IAC and performed well. RA’AD are currently in third place with a total of 15 points and won 5 matches out ......

5 September. 2021

RA`AD dominates in the first week of the IAC

The third split of the IAC 2021 Champions League has officially started, and with it, the road of qualifying to the Grand Finals is approaching its end.  RA'AD comes into the 3rd split as favorites for top 3, considering the fact that RA'AD earned 3rd place in split 2 and that ......

29 August. 2021

Monkey750 joins as the new jungler

RA’AD’s League of Legends division and the team’s management has decided to add Muhannad “Monkey750” Almerstani from KSA as their new jungler. Monkey is a well respected jungler in the MENA region, having played on multiple all-star rosters and proving himself to be one of the best by consistently climbing to ......

22 August. 2021

RAAD dominates in Intel Campus League in League Of Legends and Valorant

The Intel Campus League (ICL), organized by BME eSports, was one of our richest achievements to date. RA’AD got invited to both the League of Legends and Valorant tournaments to participate as one of the top and popular Teams in Egypt. RA’AD started from the prime stage then progressed directly ......

15 August. 2021

RA’AD League of Legends team adds Maged as new Top laner

Renowned top laner, Maged, known for being the IAC 2020 winner and MVP and his successful streak with Anubis Gaming, has joined RA’AD. This came as a big surprise to the League of Legends community and the Esports community in general in the Middle East/North Africa region, as Maged was considered ......

8 August. 2021

RA’AD finishes 3rd in the second season of the IAC2 Champions’ League

After a long journey in Split 1, through the Country Qualifiers and the Competitors’ League, RA’AD League of Legends team successfully qualified to the Champions’ League for Season 2, a feat that no other team was able to accomplish during Season 1. In their first match of the playoffs, RA’AD played ......

26 July. 2021

PUBG Mobile World Invitational 2021 – RA’AD Donates Winnings To UNICEF

Team RA’AD participated in the worldwide tournament and represented Egypt. The prize pool, $3,000,000, would ultimately be donated to a charitable cause. Usually, when eSports teams participate in tournaments the goal is always to win, establish dominance, conquer enemies and go for glory! But this time around, RA’AD was contributing to the greater good ......

27 April. 2021

Team RA’AD On Track to Enter IAC Tournament

Team RA’AD has come out on top yet again winning the IAC tournament which took place from the 4th till  the 20th of April 2021. RA’AD blazed through the first stage of the competition winning all 7 matches without defeat. The bracket was played on the Round Robin system with RA’AD at ......

15 April. 2021

RA’AD takes first place at SafeMode III FIFA Super Cup

Halawa has taken 1st place at the SafeMode III FIFA Super Cup that took place on 26 March 2021. Overall RA’AD fared well with Ramy Saad reaching the quarter finals, but unfortunately could not secure a place in the semis. Halawa played a total of 6 rounds including the semi finals and ......

23 March. 2021

RA’AD Dominates Redbull Proseed Tournament

The Red Bull ProSeed 2021 (League of Legends) is an online tournament held in Egypt by Red Bull and Gamers Lounge to serve as an opportunity for teams to develop themselves and win cool prizes. In the main event the top 8 teams from 2 qualifiers battle it out in ......

9 March. 2021

Have You Seen It ?!

And by “it”, we’re of course referring to the awesome new video introducing Team RA’AD to the world!   RA'AD has officially announced its full team roster through an exhilarating new video, released on the 6th of March through its YouTube channel. The video features the 5 different teams that will compete ......

18 February. 2021

Introducing RA’AD’s talent pool

We are delighted to announce that we have kick-started the process by securing a few big names in the Egyptian circuit already: Ahmed Diaa as Team Manager - Ahmed had his start in the industry in 2016 as a mobile game manager. Shortly after in 2017, he created his own team ......

8 January. 2021

Join RA’AD Community Tryouts

We are very thrilled to announce RA'AD Community tryouts to scout and recruit the best and most talented players in Egypt! Registration for RA'AD tryouts is open starting today, January 8th, till January 9th. RA'AD Management will manage and organize 5 tryouts competitions for the games we have RA'AD teams in (Fortnite, ......

Introducing Team RA’AD

Telecom Egypt SC announced the launch of team "RA'AD": (Arabic word of Thunder), the digital arm of the sporting club and the first eSports club under the authority of an official sports entity. The launch of RA'AD stems from the support that the Egyptian government gives to the eSports community, .....

5 September. 2022

The place where so many possibilities were lost is known as Overwatch.

Overwatch, a video game that has a huge untapped potential but has been going through some rough patches as of late.  The release date for Overwatch 2 was revealed on November 1st, 2019. It was a significant occasion, and the fandom was thrilled to see new avenues .....

16 August. 2022

Is The Future of Esports “Going Green”?

FlyQuest, a US-based esports organisation, started preparing a significant change in the team's identity in late 2019.  The organisation would need to drastically alter its aim to capture the interest of the media and fans given that it lacks the financial resources typically needed to constantly compete .....

1 August. 2022

Riot Games Partnership with Amazon Web Services for AI and Cloud Capabilities

The game developing company, Riot Games, started a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of e-commerce company that provides cloud computing platforms and APIs. As of this deal, both companies will start to change the way Riot’s esports content is created and distributed in the .....

17 July. 2022

MasterCard has Announced a Partnership with the Saudi Esports Federation

Saudi Esports Federation joins forces with MasterCard, and both parties have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to help promote esports and gaming in the country. As a part of the deal, a digital asset enablement project will be launched in the country, which sees MasterCard develop .....

26 June. 2022

Team Liquid and Honda announce a partnership with naming rights deal

Team Liquid, the Multinational esports organisation announced a big partnership expansion with Honda, the car manufacturer. With this deal, the organisation will compete in the LCS under the name Team Liquid Honda, as the deal will see Honda secure naming rights to the organisation’s League of Legends .....

21 June. 2022

VCT EMEA Announced Their Latest Partner

VALORANT Champions Tour EMEA (VCT) partnered with ZOWIE, esports division of technology and electronics corporation in BenQ. For the remainder of the VALORANT circuit’s 2022 season ZOWIE will become the official display partner as the part of the deal  With this deal ZOWIE becomes the third .....

7 June. 2022

Snapdragon Pro Series Announces Expanding to India With the Games Involved

ESL Gaming, the tournament organiser of the Snapdragon pro series and the mobile esports tournament, will have 3 new titles joining. The Snapdragon Pro Series India will have Brawl Stars, Clash of Clans and Battlegrounds Mobile in summer 2020. Clash of Clans will be played from .....

29 May. 2022

FIFA Video Game Changing its Name Due to EA Sports Partnership Ends

FIFA video game changing its name due to EA Sports partnership ends After the maker failed to have a deal with the world soccer’s governing body, FIFA video game will not continue to have the same name. As of 2023, EA Sports FC will be introduced .....

15 May. 2022

A joint VALORANT venture between OG Esports and LDN UTD

European esports organization OG Esports has announced a strategic partnership with British esports organization LDN UTD. Under this partnership, the team, which competes in the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) — will wear co-branded OG LDN UTD jerseys at the upcoming VCT EMEA Stage 2 Challengers on 13th .....

8 May. 2022

The Era of Broadcasting Mobile Esports and Their Potential

For a long time, there was a war between PC users and console users, each one has its advantage.  As for the Consoles user, they have Aim Assist to help them in their games, while the ability to click and shoot using a mouse is said to .....

24 April. 2022

Riot Officially Reveal the Newest Agent: Fade for Valorant

The Community was hyped with the announcement of the Fade the new agent, it happened ahead of lower-bracket match at the VCT Masters Rejkjavik 2022 in Iceland. This reveal topic was first mentioned in the March update of Riot GamesState of the .....

17 April. 2022

Wild Rift Esports Partnership with CocaCola as a Founding Partner

Riot Games has announced Coca-Cola as a worldwide founding partner of the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports circuit. The multi-year deal will include a collaboration with the publisher to create unique fan experiences for the game and its esports circuit, as it will begin this year.

12 April. 2022

Wild Rift Esports Partnership with CocaCola as a Founding Partner

Riot Games has announced Coca-Cola as a worldwide founding partner of the League of Legends: Wild Rift esports circuit. The multi-year deal will include a collaboration with the publisher to create unique fan experiences for the game and its esports circuit, as it will begin this year.

6 April. 2022

Rocket League to Become an Elite Tier 1 Esport

For a game where you can play with a car flying, and oversized low-gravity footballs, Rocket League is not an easy game and requires skills. As any other competitive games and esports titles, Rocket League requires a huge amount of hours playing the game to master it .....

28 March. 2022

Challenger mode Platform enters partnership with REELY

Challenger mode, the Esports tournament platform, has secured a new partnership with REELY, the AI-powered video platform. With this partnership, Challengermode will provide an automated video content for players and tournament organisers using the platform.  This agreement is all part of Challengermode’s plan to make esports .....

20 March. 2022

Ignite Tournaments secures $10m for mobile play-to-earn esports platform

Ignite Tournaments, a play-to-earn (“P2E”) esports tournament and streaming platform, announced a secure $10 million financing from strategic investors in funding which will be used to improve the company’s infrastructure and operations. “To build the world’s first mobile play-to-earn esports tournament and streaming platform”. Said Ignite Tournaments.

6 March. 2022

Talon esports reveal their partnership with SteelSeries

Hong Kong-based esports organization PSG Talon esports has announced a partnership with SteelSeries the gaming accessories company.  As a result of the deal, SteelSeries will be the gaming peripherals' official partner of the esports League of Legends team.  The deal states that READ more..

3 February. 2022

LEC continues its partnership with Redbull, Secretlab and Warner Music

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) will go on with their three partners for the new season of 2022. Both Warner Music and Secretlab will be back again as partners for the league. Warner Music will continue to be the official music partner of the LEC Riot Games said .....

10 January. 2022

LEC collaborates with Against the Current

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) has announced a collaboration with Against the Current an American pop rock band. As a result, the band has released its latest single ‘Wildfire’ in collaboration with two of the LEC’s casters, Andrew ‘Vedius’ Day and Daniel ‘Drakos’. The partnership, led by Warner .....

5 December. 2021

NFTs Will Be The Future of Gaming?

Metaverses are largely considered to be the future of the internet, and the closest game to a metaverse we have in 2021 is arguably a title like Fortnite. Fortnite has hosted virtual concerts to the millions of audiences in real-time events in the game. Other platforms like Realm and Star Atlas .....

28 November. 2021

Riot Games Announced The Host Cities for The Worlds 2022

Riots games announced all details on the hosting cities for the championship worlds of League of Legends 2022. The play-in stage will take place in Mexico City, following it with the group stage and the quarterfinals, which will be in New York at .....

21 November. 2021

QLASH Has a New Investor

According to the announcement, Qlash aims to find solutions to build  and grow communities for different games and traditional brands with the young generation; as a result, Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates joins Qlash as their latest investor.  The announcement comes after Qlash

14 November. 2021

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship To Be Played in Singapore

The championship of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is going to take place in Singapore during December this year. The tournament will feature team expansions from regions including: MENA, Turkey, LATAM and North America with a total prize pool of $800,000 . MLBB is working closely with .....

7 November. 2021

Riot Games announces partnership with Amazon Gaming

This partnership deal will include providing exclusive in-game items for League of Legends, Wild Rift, Valorant and Legends of Runeterra. Amazon Prime Gaming will also become a global sponsor for Riot’s esports titles with the sponsorship set to run through 2022 and will include League of Legends .....

31 October. 2021

League of Legends World Championships will be casted across cinemas in Europe

Riot Games has announced that the finals of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship will be broadcast in cinemas. The 2021 finals will take place at the Laugardalshöll Indoor Sports Arena in Reykjavík, Iceland, on November 6. This is the first time that there will .....

24 October. 2021

Team Spirit crowned as Champions of the International 10 Dota 2

Team Spirit took home a prize of 18.2 Million dollars with their win against PSG.LGD in an amazing series, best of 5. Team Spirit faced many excellent teams, playing in the lower bracket after their loss against Invictus Gaming in the first series from the .....

17 October. 2021

Galaxy Racer creating a $100,000 esports event after their expansion into Pakistan

The Dubai-based esports organization, Galaxy Racer, announced their partnership with Pakistan Special Technology Zones Authority {STZA}, the new government initiative encouraging foreign tech companies to invest in Pakistan. Galaxy Racer has announced that they will host a $100,000 esports tournament in Pakistan which will be the biggest .....

3 October. 2021

New Partnership between Chiefs Esports Club and Energizer

The Australian esports organisation, Chiefs Esports Club ,teamed up with Energizer (battery manufacturer). Through the partnership, Energizer will be the official battery partner for Chiefs Esports Club. They will collaborate on a range of activities which will include the operation of local .....

19 September. 2021

Cloud9 contracts Dusty as exclusive 2021 Worlds partner

North American esports organisation Cloud9 names Icelandic esports organisation Dusty as its exclusive partner for the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. Founded in 2019, Dusty is one of Iceland’s leading esports organisations and they have competitive teams in League of .....

12 September. 2021

Kingston FURY starts partnership with Cloud9

The North American esports organisation Cloud9 started a partnership with the hardware brand Kingston FURY. Kingston FURY will become the official RAM partner for Cloud9’s esports teams. The company currently offers a number of different RAM modules, but they announced .....

5 September. 2021

LoL World Championships moves to Europe,T1 announce their partnership with Razer

Riot Games has announced that the 2021 League of Legends World Championships has been officially relocated from China to Europe. Riot Games’s global event was originally scheduled to be a multi-city event, with their matches taking place in Shanghai, Qingdao, Wuhan, Chengdu and Shenzhen. Details about the event:

29 August. 2021

T1 are going to the 2021 LoL World Championships after victory over Gen.G

After a good performance from T1 vs Gen.G , they won in the series with a score of 3-1 in the LCK Semifinals. The three time World Champions will move into the Grand finals against DWG Kia as the two teams will compete for .....

22 August. 2021

Ninjas in Pyjamas merges with ESV5, VCT EMEA adds paysafecard as presenting partner

Ninjas in Pyjamas will return to League of Legends by joining Riot Games’s Chinese franchised league, the LPL. This announcement came from the Swedish esports organisation NIP after merging with the Chinese esports brand ESV5, creating ‘NIP Group’. READ more..

15 August. 2021

State Farm and Coca Cola reappraising sponsorships with Overwatch League

Coca-Cola, the manufacturer of soft drink company, and insurance company State Farm are rethinking their partnerships with Activision Blizzard’s Overwatch League. The two Companies went with this dicision as a result of the harassment and discrimination allegations against female employees at Activision Blizzard. State Farm

8 August. 2021

Middle East now included in the Razer Invitational

Gaming peripherals brand Razer has announced that its esports tournament series, the Razer Invitational, will make its debut in the Middle East.   This is the peripheral brand’s second stop in the Razer Invitational Season 2021 calendar, with more events set to be announced .....

26 July. 2021

Girls Who Game event roundup

Futures First Gaming’s (FFG) virtual Girls Who Game tournament took place on Saturday, 26 June 2021. The organisers have created a unique opportunity for young female gamers and their families to hear from women professionals about this exciting, yet often misunderstood, male-dominated industry. “At the core of what FFG is doing is to bring .....

14 June. 2021

Fortnite Championship Series All-Star Showdown – Guild Esports No. 1

Guild Esports has no less than five top tier competitors in the All-Star Showdown, showcasing it as the No. 1 ranked Fortnite roster globally. The gamers have qualified to compete for a $3 million prize pool. The All-Star Showdown peaks with a solo championship set to be broadcast to an audience .....

7 June. 2021

Microsoft Excel – now an Esport

Yes, you read that right, Microsoft Excel is now not only a spreadsheet software, but an esport as well. You might be a little confused about how spreadsheet software can come into esports, but apparently it can get very competitive. Microsoft has announced it is sponsoring the ‘Financial Modeling World Cup’, .....

31 May. 2021

The Value of the Esports Industry in 2021

Esports has come a long way in the past 10 years, rapidly turning into one of the most lucrative industries in the world. Now, valued at more than £1 billion according to Business Insider, it has become a behemoth that even traditional sports need to be aware of. So what has .....

24 May. 2021

Lamborghini eSports Bringing Back The Real Race in 2021

Lamborghini eSports will be hosting their annual racing event again this summer, aiming for a more global approach as racers will compete in traditional Grand Prix as well as three Endurance races to earn points within their regional leaderboards. Last year's inaugural competition was won by German sim racer Nils .....

17 May. 2021

Top 10 North American Universities where gaming culture is king

As more and more young gamers are looking to turn their hobby into a profession, these are the best college esports programs to consider with some even providing scholarships for these programs. Esports continues to be a force to be reckoned with and with increased popularity and sheer scale, colleges and .....

11 May. 2021

Esports – changing the definition of entertainment

Now Gaming co-Founder and CEO Maha Abouelenein Gaming has stated that gaming has “changed the definition of entertainment”. She highlighted that Gen Z are pushing that change as they game on a daily or weekly basis and the way that they’re engaging has completely shifted. Abouelenein said brands interested in entering .....

20 April. 2021

Partnership established between Esports Player League and Warner Music Asia

Esports Player League (ESPL), an established online tournament platform, has announced a partnership with record label Warner Music Asia which will see the record label become the platform’s exclusive music partner. ESPL will also be able to embed music owned by the WMA into its platform. The announcement marks Warner Music .....

15 April. 2021

SEA Games 2021, Vietnam confirms increased number of eSports titles

The Vietnam Recreational and Electronic Sport Association (VIRESA) has confirmed that a total of 10 eSports competitions are scheduled for the SEA Games in Vietnam; 4 more games than its debut at the 2019 Games in the Philippines. Among the events are a League of Legends tournament on PC as well .....

13 April. 2021

Esports gets scientific – Twitch partners with University of Chichester

Twitch will be partnering with University of Chichester to examine esports through a new scientific study and the steaming service to be embedded into academic modules of University's new BA (Hons) Esports degree. The goal behind the initiative is to equip more students with the skills and experience necessary to participate .....

23 March. 2021

Esports attracts 27 Nations for 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou

A total of 27 National Olympic Committees (NOC) have entered players in esports categories for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games with it set to make its medal sport debut at the Games.   Esports was originally a demonstration sport at the Jakarta 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia, following which it was confirmed .....

16 March. 2021

Global Esports Federation launches Digital Innovation Commission

The Global Esports Federation is bringing its Digital, Technology, Innovation, Active Esports (DTIA) Commission to life as it monitors digital innovation in esports-related technologies and supports initiatives around the rapid convergence of esports and sports.   The Commission is co-chaired by GEF Board members Chris Overholt, President and chief executive of Toronto-based .....

3 March. 2021

Riot Games To Launch First “Valorant” eSports Event Alongside “League Of Legends” Tournament in Iceland In May

Riot Games is hosting its League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) in Reykjavik, Iceland beginning May 6, with the championship taking place on May 23. Alongside the event, at the same venue Rior will launch The Valorant Champions Tour Masters Reykjavík, which marks the first live international competition .....

16 February. 2021

Ivory Coast And Morocco to Represent Africa In FIFA21 French Eligue1 Tour

For a while now, traditional sport teams and leagues have started incorporating eSports as part of their structures.   Both the NBA and the MLS in the US already have eSports versions of their leagues with each team in the league having eSports players representing them.   The .....

9 February. 2021

Viewership gains for CoD Opening Weekend

Call of Duty League’s 2021 season started with a bang last weekend with online only matches aired on YouTube as a result of continued pandemic operating tactics.   Activision Blizzard Esports has reported viewership gains from the opening week of the 2021 season, with Optic Chicago headlining the .....